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Welcome to Covalen

Infrastructure for energy and water/wastewater needs continues to fuel the plans of private industry, educational institutions, cities and states as they contemplate the next wave of innovation and growth, and as they consider upgrades to their existing infrastructure.

Serving corporations, municipalities, builders, developers, engineers and homeowners, covalen applies commercially available technology to provide cost-effective and reliable “Smart Infrastructure.”  Smart Infrastructure:

  • Saves money, energy and internal resources,
  • Protects the water supply,
  • Creates a healthier environment, and
  • Creates green jobs.

covalen’s focus areas include:

  • Water and wastewater infrastructure,
  • Energy efficiency solutions in large HVAC operations,
  • Application engineering,
  • Equipment and systems, and
  • System commissioning.

covalen has been recognized for its innovative and effective solutions.  Recent awards are:

  • ASHRAE’s 2009 National Technology Award
  • 2010 Indiana Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, Energy and Renewable Resources



E-One Sewer Systems Wastewater Systems: Packaged grinder pump stations for low pressure sewage collection systems; replacement product for Barnes, Zoeller
Gorman-Rupp Pumps Wastewater Systems: Package sewage lift stations using submersible & self-priming pumps, transfer & air-operated diaphragm pumps
Off the Shelf (OTS) Pumps Off the shelf pumps: Engine driven portable pumps; sump pumps and suction lift pumps
Aquastore Liquid Storage Tanks: Glass fused to steel storage tanks for water, wastewater and landfill markets
SyncroFlo Pumping System Solutions Package Clean Water Booster Stations: Booster packages from simple simplex stations to sophisticated quadraplex stations pre-cast enclosures to fit every need (municipal projects only)
Anua ANUA provides a range of innovative wastewater management, water reuse solutions such as rainwater harvesting, wastewater effluent reuse, graywater reuse, and chemical-free odor, H2S and VOC abatement. ANUA focuses on water conservation, energy reduction and reduced chemical demand while providing superior performance to communities, industries, municipalities that provide significant environmental benefits.
Ebara Submersible Sewage Pumps: high head grinder pumps; non-clog solids handling pumps; semi-vortex sewage pumps
Healy-Ruff Water & Wastewater controls, Telemetry, SCADA Systems: Total control solutions for community water and wastewater solutions
Aquanomix State-of-the-art system for water reclamation
Verdetherm Heat recapture

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